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  • We specialise in helping small and medium size businesses gain more exposure & acquire targeted leads using customized digital marketing strategies and compelling video campains across multiple platforms.
  • Typically our clients face the challenge of having too much to manage, they don't have the the time, they may lack the skills or experience to develop and execute a strong communication and media strategy. 
  • We help them understand their message and help them to develop a powerful and effective media strategy. 
  • We bring a comprehensive package of diverse talented creatives and other professionals to fulfil the different needs for content creation, video production and distribution across all media, including social media.
  • Get the support you need and let's develop together a clear strategy with a powerful message to shape compelling stories and capture your audience.


How do we do that?



We develop and build with you a coherent strategy, we shape your message and create compelling videos to distribute through highly-targeted digital marketing campaigns.



Take your online marketing skills, storytelling and video production to the next level with our world-class trainings so you can have full control over your own digital marketing and video campaign. Get the back up you need when you need it. 

It's a Partnership!

  • Our ramp up method is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. We assist you so that you no longer need to feel worried about the process. You can trust an established workflow and can be confident that your communications will be cutting-edge. Our network of experts and mentors keep us abreast of changes in communications and marketing trends, technology and mindset. 
  • Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, develop your brand messaging with creative and compelling videos, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

There is so much noise. The market is saturated.

All this competition to get the customer's attention has made them ad fatigued and even motion fatigued. Videos and cool graphics are insufficient to catch the eye and must have a more profound meaning and reason to be to cut through and grab the attention.

How do you stand out then?

The minute you stop trying to appeal to everyone and decide to target that special someone; that perfect one will find you and will faithfully rally your values, your word, your brand. Your vibe will find your tribe.

Let's brainstorm and discover

Most business owners are passionate about what they do but can get so warped up in their product or service that they loose sight of the end goal. How much is this really impacting someones life?

Learn how to ask yourself the right questions to find the best strategy and story for your audience.

What is it that you have that is so special? 

How does that something affect someones life or lifestyle.

Who cares? Really. Not to be rude but a powerful question to push your reasoning to the next level.

Take control of your story

We help you align your message, establish a deployment strategy, choose the appropriate media type to use and select the channels to diffuse and market your content through.

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Let's make it happen!

Once you have the clarity of your mission, the communication strategy in place it will be so obvious who will champion your brand, support you, buy from you or fund you. You can then tailor your business strategy to them specifically.

Get The Experts - A Dream Network

Before embarking on a video, ask yourself the right question

What to consider: Objective, Purpose, Target, Outcome, Content, Genre, Budget, Schedule, Distribution




On this week's Business Insight, Nicholas Hopkins Hall - a Creative and Marketing Consultant.

Nicholas has been a multimedia and video producer for many years and watches how the internet has been changing in all that time. Today, it's simply not enough for companies just to make a video to be seen.

Up Coming

The date is still to be confirmed but we're conducting a 2 day workshop jammed packed with valuable information to empower your storytelling, create easy and cost effective videos and discover the latest trends in digital marketing. 

Create your own attractive video campaign across multi platforms.


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Client Testimonials

"I was really impressed how Nicholas and his team took onboard the project that we where working on and how he managed to guide us in setting up a great model for our content production workflow." - Jean-Philippe, MV4 video production company 

"I used to get writers block; I would get to work and try to force myself to be creative to deliver. It felt like a chore. Then Nick taught me a method how to always have content at hand. I don't worry about it anymore and I've pleasure in the creative process again." - Elma, Freelance producer